Gwent Streamers



Known as the person that everyone in Gwent netdecks from, and the creator of Topdeck, Swim is a content creator who enjoys the deep intricacies of deckbuilding in card games.


Jaggerous is a YouTuber and live streamer. She co-hosts Topdecked with Swim and The Weekly Critiquely with Crash. On her channels you can find deck guides and chill gameplay with an emphasis on creativity and fun.


McBeard is one of the members of the Gwent Masters casting team, host & producer of the Commander’s Horn podcast, and a dedicated Gwent streamer. He has been involved with Gwent since 2016, and won a few tournaments in closed beta.


This Californian player has a few things which remain constant; An upbeat atmosphere, detailed interaction, and positive vibes. With a precise mixture of chill atmosphere and competitive play, he guarantees entertainment and a good time.


Flake takes his one-liners to task on stream with unique home-brew decks. He is the host of Gwent’s Wild Hunt tournament series, host of the Coin Flip podcast, co-host of the Commander’s Horn podcast, and co-host of the 98.3 Legion Radio podcast.


JoeSn0w has been playing card games frmo a young age, starting with MtG, and eventually played Poker professionally for a few years as well as being the AGOT LCG 2016 World Champion 


Crash_overlord is an enigmatic persona of pure strategic skill combined with absolutely mind-numbing levels of behavior. His laugh will remind you of singing angels. In his spare time, he collects thinking emojis and hair conditioner.


Decade long card game player and content creator Envybaer just wants to take long walks to the kitchen and joke about koalas. Also she’s not a weeb.


Lockin is a streamer, coach, and pro team member for Topdeck who’s consistently finished Top500 on ranked ladder. He’s been a competitive player for multiple years, and was a semi-professional Hearthstone player.


Crazy cat lady, average gamer and proud owner of the Inferior Gwent Gameplay channel. Also exceptionally well-versed in the art of cursing.


Snower loves to answer any and all questions, explain concepts, fight back against the weebs invading chat, and play bad decks at high ranks. Come for the positive vibes, stay for the create rolls.


Well known in the Yugioh community for innovating combo decks, Tyler “Trynet” Nolan has looked to bring his skills into Gwent, winning his very first LAN tournament and looking for more.