Gwent Coaching



Timezone: CST
Skill Preference: Beginner / Intermediate
Consistent GM on multiple accounts and Consistent top 500 on ladder. Experience coaching professionally and coaching beginners/intermediates level players in various games. 


Timezone: CET/GMT+1
Skill Preference: Intermediate/Advanced
Top 100 GM December Season. TGLO Champion, Consistent top 200 Pro Ladder. Top 16 GLO


Timezone: EST
Skill Preference: None
2x Top 250 Ladder Finish
TGO Top 16
Experience in professional gaming coaching (League of Legends)


Timezone: CET
Skill Preference: None
Grandmaster every Season. Top 16 Challenger #1 Qualifier (Temeria). #3 Gwentmania Dach Special. #2 GwentSlam Qualifier #1.


Timezone: EST
Skill Preference: Intermediate/Advanced
Top 16 TGO September. Top 150 Pro Ladder season 1. Consistent top 1000 Ranked Player

Preferred Coach*

Secondary Coach (If your preferred is not available.)