Gwent Challenger Viewing Party


Every event, whether big or small, is made more fun by sharing it with friends and people who are as passionate about it as you are. The Lodge of Sorceress (LOS) shares this sentiment, which is why it has decided to host its very own Gwent Challenger viewing party! In collaboration with Gwent Masters Worldwide, Topdeck, and the CDPR masterminds themselves, for two days LOS will turn their Discord server into a fun gathering, where everyone is welcome.

The main course – group viewing of Gwent Challenger – will be enhanced not only by the banter in the voice channels but also by shrewd coaches from Topdeck and Gwent Masters Worldwide that would be more than willing to help you understand why exactly tournament participants play in the way they do.

The “side dishes” aren’t nothing to snuff at either. Games, contests, and giveaways are waiting for you. Will you be the king of Gwent trivia, the prodigious analyst who predicts the outcome of the tournament, or will you be the one true memer? Instead of mediating over hypotheticals, the Topdeck team advises you to find everything of yourself by making a visit to the Lodge, and win some loot along the way!

Do note, however, the mission of Lodge of the Sorceress was to make a server which is unlike any other in terms of its tolerance towards inciteful comments, even if they are said in jest. Thus, if you were to honor our humble gathering with your presence, please try to be more considerate of differences that members of our community may harbor.

For specific details about the event, refer to the infographic below. We all hope to see you there!


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